Weak Demand, Apple Stop iPhone X Production

Weak Demand Apple Stop iPhone X Production

Apple may stop production of the iPhone X this year. Ming-Chi Kuo analyst from KGI Securities estimates that Apple will soon no longer produce iPhone X, AppleInsider. It is estimated that Apple will stop production of the iPhone X this summer, just before the new iPhone launches and less than a year since the phone was launched. Kuo implies that the reason Apple stopped producing the iPhone X was that of low consumer interest, especially in China.

Weak Demand, Apple Stop iPhone X Production

Even so, the circulation of this rumor is quite surprising. This is because everyone knows that Apple is always launching a new smartphone every year, but not unexpectedly the company will actually dismiss the sale of new iPhone. Apple previously unusual stop the new iPhone a year released. Apple usually keeps on making and selling old model iPhones from year to year, at a lower price. For example iPhone 7 or iPhone 6 which you can still buy now officially.

The screen size of iPhone X. As you know, iPhone screen size is still not considered big enough for the size of users in China. Consumers in China prefer smartphones with bigger screens. Worse yet, not all of the app display in China already supports Notch iPhone X. Also, Kuo did not rectify previous rumors stating that Apple will release another iPhone with X-like iPhone design with 6.5 Inch, 6.1 Inch, and 5.8 Inch screen. Although iPhone X has been discontinued, it could be directly forwarded by the new model iPhone.

If Apple lowers the price of the iPhone X, then the price will be close to the 6.1 inch iPhone model this year. This means Apple will sell mobile phones last year at the same price as new phones released this year. In fact, Apple will even Sell phones launched last year more expensive than the non-premium iPhone launched this year. Then, why Apple did not forward the iPhone X and did not make the iPhone 6.1 inches. The reason is that the cost of producing the iPhone is too expensive. One component that makes the cost of producing an expensive is the OLED screen, which has a higher price than the LCD screen. Mentioned, the iPhone 6.1 inches will use the LCD screen, which means the cost of production is cheaper.

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