Samsung to Launch Galaxy Note 8 Lineage 2 Revolution Edition

Samsung to Launch Galaxy Note 8 Lineage 2 Revolution Edition

Lineage 2 Revolution is the title of the new game MMORPG available for download on mobile devices. Realizing this, Samsung and Netmarble Games teamed up with SK Telecom operator, announced it would launch a Special Edition Galaxy Note 8, for smartphone users who are also fans of mobile gaming.

The constrained version of the Galaxy Note 8 will be joined by an HDMI link, a pack of Lineage diversion collectibles and also Samsung DeX. If you genuinely like this diversion, this may very well be your opportunity to pick one of the accessible units of the telephone, which will be available beginning November 16th.

The Lineage 2 Revolution has no ifs and or buts been an accomplishment in a decent number of Asian nations, with South Korea and Japan among them. On account of this, the three organizations need to exploit the diversion’s prominence in the nation with this unique release, yet that is not all.

Sk Telecom has more to offer purchasers of the up and coming Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Lineage 2 Revolution Limited Edition. Toward the finish of 2017, the individuals who purchase this release of the telephone will have the choice to pick between an Allo Battery set and a Nemonic Printer. There will likewise be unique rebate coupons for those intrigued by purchasing a Galaxy Note 8 Alacantra Cover and a Samsung battery pack.

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SK Telecom has opened efficiently pre-orders for the unique version Galaxy Note 8 using its official site, yet this will go ahead until November fifteenth. The Lineage 2 Revolution Edition of the Note 8 can be yours for 1,332,000 Korean Won, which means an astounding $1,200, yet you’ll be getting the 256GB stockpiling variation, with whatever is left of the specs staying unaltered.

SK Telecom also is estimated to have some deals for players of Lineage 2 buy the smartphone Revolution, such as the Printer and set Nemonic Allo Battery. Samsung battery cover will also offer Alcantara Note 8. Meanwhile earlier, Samsung announced a business version of Galaxy Note 8 in the United States market. The first smartphone introduced in Germany and South Korea, making his announcement on the United States market is not the first time.

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