Samsung Galaxy S9 As Secret Feature Leaks

Samsung Galaxy S9 As Secret Feature Leaks

The closer the launch of Samsung Galaxy S9, many rumors are widely circulated. One of them is the presence of biometric facial scanner feature in Samsung S9. Launching Phone Arena citing an APK banning of the Android Oreo setting on the Samsung Note 8 by XDA Developers, later Samsung S9 will be equipped with a new feature called “Intelligent Scan.”

This feature is thought to be a combination of facial and iris scanning, where the iris scanning is already owned by Samsung since its release Note 7. This feature is also called to work with low light and very bright. In a video posted to website Youtube by Maxwell Weinbach, the workings of Intelligent Scan are on display. Looks like if this face scanner is carried Samsung S9, unlock the device will be easier and of course, challenging Face ID belongs to iPhone X which has brought it first.

An archiving seen by SamMobile shows that Samsung believes it is possible to unlock the device by using a blood flow pattern. Authentication of ‘Real Time Authentication Under Blood Patent’, filed in 2016, explains how to authenticate devices by identifying patterns on fingerprints and wrists.

The most obvious application is in the smartwatches that pack the heart rate pulse sensor, while many of the top smartphones also have heart rate sensors (like Samsung) in addition to the fingerprint scanner. In the patent, the company shows ‘the path of conduction of arteries from different users almost never equally’ provides unique identification information.

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