How To Enable Screen Recording On iOS 11

How To Enable Screen Recording On iOS 11

Update iOS 11 gives a new look to Control Center, one of the new features that you can use in this section is Screen Recording. As the name implies, Screen Recording serves to record the screen in the form of video directly on iOS devices – without additional applications or connections to the computer.

What is Screen Recording?

Screen Recording is the process of recording the activity you’re doing on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch device. Usefulness of Screen Recording is to create a tutorial video on the use of iOS devices or report some obstacles or errors that you experience when using an application for example.

Update iOS 11 is the first operating system that delivers Screen Recording as the default feature for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch users. Previously many third-party developers who tried to make Screen Recording but always rejected by Apple or immediately discontinued its sale from the App Store. Because the features they use are considered to violate the rules of Apple regarding the use of API and user privacy. Previously on iOS 9, Apple has provided the ReplayKit feature to help game developers in terms of making screen recording processes in their apps or broadcast to video streaming services like Twitch and more.

How to Use Screen Recording in iOS 11

Access Screen Recording can only be done through Control Center. Screen Recording button in Control Center is not active by default yes. Please go to Settings – Control Center – Customize Controls. Enable Screen Recording from the More Controls section by pressing the + button and then adjusting to the order you need. Once active in Control Center, here’s a guide using Screen Recording:

  1. Set up a screen display with the app or the type of event you want to record using Screen Recording.
  2. Enable Control Center by the swipe from bottom to top and press Screen Recording to start the countdown screen recording process.
  3. If you want to record the screen activity along with the sound issued by the iOS device, press and hold the Screen Recording button and select Microphone ON.
  4. Close Control Center with a swipe from top to bottom or press Home Button.
  5. Please do the activities you want to record when Screen Recording is active ie with a red Status Bar mark.
    When finished, end the recording session on Screen Recording by tapping the Status Bar red color or access Control Center and press the Screen Recording button. The iOS device will give you a viewing window to stop recording Screen Recording and please select Stop.
  6. The recording of the screen will appear in Photos application.
  7. In addition to the notes, you can edit the recording of Screen Recording to create unnecessary parts. Like the initial setup process that displays the Control Center image, the process of stopping Screen Recording or other parts. Just use the default Edit feature in the Photos app and cut out the frames you do not need.

From my experiments, Screen Recording on iOS 11 can record sound from the app you’re doing on iOS device well. Suppose playing music and videos from Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube or playing games. Unfortunately, sometimes the process of recording the sound of this application is not running normally sound alias does not come out even mode Microphone ON already you activate at the beginning of usage. The temporary solution you can do is to Restart the device and try again using Screen Recording. Hopefully, Apple can immediately provide improvements to these obstacles in the next iOS 11 update.

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