First Nokia Smartphones 2017

In 2017 must again smartphones under the brand name Nokia are going to appear. That the company announced in a presentation (PDF) for investors. HMD Global will the smartphones, which run on Android, go. HMD is a collaboration between the Finnish Nokia and the Taiwanese Foxconn.

Nokia Come With Android OS

Nokia Come With Android OS

The company has an exclusive license for the release of smartphones, tablets, and feature phones under the name Nokia. That license was until may at Microsoft, which in 2013 for 7.9 billion Nokia took over. Since the acquisition by Microsoft appeared barely more Nokia smartphones. The last was the Nokia Lumia 830 at the end of 2014. Microsoft then used only the Lumia-name. HMD Global promises 500 million dollars over the next three year to spend on marketing around the Nokia brand.

The team of HDM, that for ten years the license of Nokia may use, consists largely of former employees from Nokia and Microsoft, some come from HTC or Motorola. HDM received the license from Microsoft, which is entire of the mobile phone market has retired. All products carry the brand name Nokia will go, but other than the Lumia’s that the Finns made for sale to Microsoft will these devices just go run on Android instead of Windows Phone.

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