Apple Could Launch New Budget iPhone X

Apple Could Launch New Budget iPhone X

Rosenblatt analyst Jun Zhang said in a note to investors that Apple is likely to address the price issue by not using OLED screens like the iPhone X. Options will fall on the LCD screen, so the smartphone can be sold for less. According to some research, the cost of screen assembly is the most expensive part of the iPhone X. It is believed to make the price of iPhone X at least two times more expensive than LCD panels.

iPhone X is likely to be released next year. However, there is no information about the certainty of the launch time. iPhone X version of the LCD screen will likely have a design similar to the iPhone X, though not yet certain whether other features will be the same. Apple has so far been known to be astonishingly optimizing its LCD screen to deliver great performance, so there should be no problem implementing the same thing on the cheap iPhone X version.

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iPhone X cheap version is likely carrying the name of the iPhone 8S. ‘We believe Apple may lower the price of the iPhone X by using the LCD screen next year, making the iPhone 8S much different from the iPhone 7 and 8,’ explained Zhang.

KGI analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo also released the same perkirakaan recently. He claims the 2018 line of iPhone will be present in three variants, two of which use OLED display, while one with LCD. Use of this LCD screen in order to make the price more affordable. Kuo estimates the iPhone LCD will be priced at around US $ 649 to US $ 749. iPhone X features such as 3D cameras for Face ID will most likely also be owned by cheaper versions.

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