All About iPhone 7

All About iPhone 7


iPhone 7: this is new

In the iPhone 7undefined Apple deletes the Jack, instead, lightning – style headphones are supported now; Some of that is included with the appliance. Here you will find our detailed test to the iPhone 7. For the first time, there are significant differences between this year iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 plus, which extend beyond the screen size.

New colors for the iPhone 7

As in advance already suspected, there is even two this year for the first time since the iPhone 5, iPhone back a black, in fact: the dark gray FarbeWorkshop: Lightroom perfectly cut Apple in the grip of “Space Grau”, there are the new variants and diamond black from now on. Especially the shiny black diamond is prone to “tiny wear” that might occur over time according to Apple. On the product side, Apple advises therefore on the purchase of a shell.

Water damage? Almost impossible. The iPhone 7 is waterproof. In view of the interesting new features goes down, that the design almost nothing has changed in comparison to the two last predecessors. Rightly. Because: The technical innovations are interesting despite the high level of development of the predecessor models and proved the case.

In the most beautiful promotional Apple boasts of his devices: “iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus improve every aspect of the iPhone experience and thereby achieve new levels of innovation and precision, what makes it to the best iPhone we’ve ever built”. But already reveals: here nothing has been reinvented, but Apple has screwed anywhere and tinkered and improved the most components. This applies to both models for the iPhone 7 with 4.7-inch screen size as well as for the iPhone 7 plus with 5.5-inch screen size.

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iPhone 7 design

Remained the same on the whole, the housing is. The antenna strips are now far less conspicuous, and two new colors make the Smartphone in a different look: black. The former with anodized Matt appearance joins in the famous colors of silver, gold and Rosé gold. Diamond black, however, is a high-gloss look, achieved according to Apple through a nine-step process of anodizing and polishing.

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