Alexa is Coming Soon on Windows 10, Competing with Cortana

Alexa, an Amazon-made quick Assistant service reportedly slid on a gadget with the Windows operating system 10. Hewlett Packard (HP), Asus and Acer are some of this year’s technology firms are ready to release their gadget with Alexa.
Was announced at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2018 were held in Las Vegas, United States. The smart artificial personal assistant called Amazon will compete with Microsoft’s assistant, Cortana.

Alexa is Coming Soon on Windows 10, Competing with Cortana

ASUS ready to pin the Assistant with the voice recognition system on laptop series ZenBook and VivoBook. Not only that, the gadget series HP-owned as well as Wave Pavilion notebook series Spin, Swift, Switch output and Aspire Acer Alexa wear are ready. Innovation released in November of the year 2014 can use on Windows 10 gadget has installed an individual application of Alexa. The Amazon is estimated to publish such an app in the spring of this year, which falls in March to June.

Vice President Steve Rabuchin Alexa States presents many functions for its users. “The ease of interacting with Smart-Tech House, get news or weather information, and put a timer is a sample gadget that uses excess access that does not need a physical operation such as Alexa,” explained Steve, like quoted Engadget.

Manufacturer of gadget enthusiast welcomes the smart Assistant in their product by setting up voice recognition technology Smart Sound courtesy of Intel to maximize the functionality of the application in capturing a sound when the user not located near the gadget. As reported on The Verge, the application also comes with a primary way to access information that commonly found on the app or website Alexa. Although the app can be ‘ called up ‘ with a keyboard, it is sprightly voice command listening to its users.

The cooperation between Intel and the Amazon in Alexa embedded on the gadget with 10 Windows software is not related to the integration of the two companies for innovation-based smart Assistant sound planned a release by the end of 2017. However, they failed to carry out the Mission of the joint as it cannot announce its product on time.

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